Monday, January 9, 2012

Pepsi Deal at Martins

Hey all,

I just got an awesome Pepsi deal at Martin's that I want to share with everyone.
This week, Martins is having their own stock up sale.  If you match it with the Pepsi coupons we got last week, you can get 6 packs of 16.9 oz. Pepsi products for 22 or 23 cents per bottle (scenarios below).  Personally, I have a soda machine at work that is 30 cents per can, so I figure any time soda is cheaper than it would cost me at work, it's worth stocking up on.

Pepsi six-packs of bottles are on sale for 5/$11.00 ($2.20 each).  You must buy 5 to get this deal, and every six-pack after that is $2.99.
You can also use the $2/2 coupon that came in last week's newspapers.

If you buy 5 and use 2 coupons:
5/$11.00 - $2/2 - $2/2 = $7.00 for 5 packs, or 30 bottles of Pepsi products, or 23 cents per bottle.

If you buy 6 and use 3 coupons:
5/$11.00 + $2.99 - $2/2 - $2/2 - $2/2 = $7.99 for 6 packs, or 36 bottles, or 22 cents per bottle.

Happy Couponing!

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