Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Start of a New Beginning

Hi All!

Welcome to Maryland Couponing Chronicles!

This is a couponing blog designed to help the average couponer find some awesome deals.
I'm Sam, a couponer from Hagerstown, Maryland.  I am not an extreme couponer by any means.  Couponing is a fun pastime for me that also happens to save my husband and I some money.  My goal in this blog is to create a resource for those who want to coupon but don't know where to start and can't find resources that match with local stores.  I want to not only introduce you to some of the resources that I follow, but also help to consolidate some of the better deals in one location.

This blog is going to be made up of not only my findings, but hopefully the findings of others.  We will have some guest bloggers, a few who will be regulars, and some who will post occasionally.  If you have an idea or a post you'd like to make, leave me a comment and let me know!
I also would like to always have input from followers.  If you ever find a way to make the deals I find better or anything that would be of interest to other local couponers, that's what the comments are for!  Also, if there's ever a topic you would like me to dig more into and feature on here, I would be more than happy to!  This is a blog not just for me but for you as well!  Tell me what you want to know more about.

Why am I making a couponing blog when there are already a TON of them out there?  I feel like there is a lot of repetitive information and misinformation out there, but at the same time there's not a lot out there for those of us in Maryland, particularly where I am in Western Maryland.  The coupon matchups that I'm finding don't often match stores I shop at, or the ads or coupons are different from what I've gotten.  I love following the couponing blogs that area already out there, and I find myself sharing quite a few deals with those around me, whether by phone, email, or Facebook.  This is a place where I can share my finds in one location for others to see them all in one dedicated outlet.

I consider myself a hobby couponer.  I don't save every coupon (but have nothing against those who do) and don't want to lose a full room in my house to my stockpile.  I would like to create a stockpile that my family will use and save money on my weekly grocery shopping trips.  If I get enough followers on here that can meet locally, I would love to set up some kind of coupon swap too.

So that's it!  Welcome to my blog.  Keep checking back, there are plenty more posts to come.


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